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Lokal Stops: It’s a Wonderful Life

If you’ve ever wondered whether everything you know is just an intricately fabricated story shaped largely by your own experiences and thoughts, the answer is yes. If you’ve ever wondered whether life on Earth is just a fluke, the answer is maybe? If you’d rather ignore the complexities of existence and the human mind and just briefly wonder at some of the details that go into a TV show, here’s that, too.

If you’re wondering about anything at all, then Neil deGrasse Tyson is proud of you.

Let’s take a break from all of this wondering–which, let’s face it, is hard work–and just get annoyed about wine forgery. But, then, doesn’t it make you wonder whether any of it matters? If you can’t detect that a fancy bottle of wine is less fancy than what you paid for, you’re probably not actually in it for the wine, in which case I have nothing more to say to you.

People who read more Faulkner also bruise more easily. Artists really are more sensitive, if you’ve been wondering. (Disclaimer: correlation does not imply causation.)

Finally, if you have an owl in your house/apartment and you’re wondering how to get it back outside, take note:


Lokal Stops: Things That Fly (and Some Things That Don’t)

Lokal Stops is an opinionated commentary on the day.

Have  you ever wondered why people are ambivalent towards art these days? Well, maybe it’s because of “alleged artists” like this guy who left the backpack on the Boston Marathon finish line yesterday. Inside was a rice cooker filled with confetti. Cool.

This is why we can’t have nice art.

While that guy’s busy doing important things like performance art, this 13 year old Mongolian girl hunts with a golden eagle. Like about only 400 others in the world, she releases her eagle and then it hunts a rabbit or fox or something and then she gets the eagle to come back. She does this by being awesome.


In other news about things that fly: Malaysian plane still missing! It’s been missing for so long (about five weeks now), everyone has deemed it an uninteresting topic of conversation, apparently. The US dropped a drone into the ocean a few days ago and it’ll take up to two months for it to either find something or nothing.

And but so no one at US Airways is getting fired over that p(lane) in the v tweet. Maybe it’s a kind, reasonable gesture. After all, as a spokesman for the airline said, “It was an honest mistake.” But also, in a tiny tiny way, the (in)action indicates that maybe companies willfinally realize that social media is indeed just a thing people do, a place people sometimes makes mistakes, a setting in which you should just act naturally. Hey brands, just be human, jeez. Till now, they’ve been terrified of making mistakes. Their worst nightmare, their single greatest fear, was that someone internally would post a photo of their company’s product inside of a woman’s vagina. And then what would happen?! Oh. Nothing. We’ve pretty much all seen things in vaginas. Honest mistake. Let’s move on.

… to Creationists. Who are upset about the Cosmos reboot. Which in turn makes fans of Cosmos upset about Creationists. In this installment of the vicious cycle, Funny or Die imagines what the Creationists’ Cosmos would be like. But what we really want to know is what Creationists think when they watch this. Do they nod their heads and say, yes, you are speaking facts? Do they just sit the whole thing through, waiting for the joke ending?