Lokal Stops: Chaos Reigns

Some days, you just have to accept chaos. Below is chaos.

Climate change is how we die, claims government propaganda on a surprisingly well-designed website.

Also, vampires are real.

Here’s some sex data, just for fun:


Turns out that fountains of youth walk amongst us, and they are just young people. Hate the youths however much you want, but: scientists put blood from young mice into old mice and that “rejuvenated their muscles and brains.”

By the way, if you’ve ever wondered why women are so hysterical, it’s because their wombs are living beasts preying on their bodies. At least that’s what Plato told everyone. (Aristotle said that women are just deformed males. It’s unclear who is correct.)

This game makes you dip into its code to get by.


It kinda feels like wedding season, so perhaps you’ll find value in this wikiHow:


And let’s end with poop.bike.


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