Lokal Stops: Of Coke and Suffering

There was a time on this Earth when human beings used Coca Cola as a spermicide. Humans realized that the bottle in which Coca Cola comes in was a great device with which to apply Coke to vagina, often utilizing the “shake and shoot” method. Humans, a truly unique species, are the only animals on planet Earth to wonder about the meaning of life.


The question of the meaning of life causes human beings a lot of suffering. In this past week’s New York Times Sunday Review, Tim Kreider writes:

Even if we someday solve all our societal problems, people will still be unlucky in love, lonesome and bored, lie awake worrying about the future and regretting stupid things they did and wondering whether it’s all even worth it. Utopia will have an unendurable amount of hassles to deal with, endless forms to fill out, apathetic bureaucrats, taxes, ads and bad weather. Time will still pass without mercy.

This isn’t pessimism; it’s science.

For Harper Lee, time has passed for 88 years today. Also, today, Harper Lee announced that she’s letting To Kill a Mockingbird to be published as an e-book.

For this one guy, 4 minutes and 57 seconds passed, and in that time, he ran one mile and drank five beers.

In media news… Vox.com – relaunched for time number seven at the beginning of April – is publishing interviews alongside its reporting and here’s why that’s great. To quote that article: “I suspect a lot of people arrive at the article page and don’t even realize there’s an interview a click away — or vice versa.” Yep. Didn’t realize it.

Microsoft continues its campaign for media domination with its very own version of Netflix Originals, called Xbox Originals. It’s all very original. Apparently we haven’t lost enough touch with the world around us by spending hundreds of hours looking for digital coins to buy our digital weapons to kill some digital bastards. Now we’ll have some new programs to keep us away from our loved ones.

In media news from 20 years ago, Internet is coming to NPR! The future is now.


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